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Each episode consists of 9 tracks selected from my personal collection. Sometimes there's a theme, other times just what I'm feeling.

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Episode #8 - Jorge Ben the Bossa Years

May 4th, 2017

Showcasing the greatest of all time, Jorge Ben, in his earlier years. 9 tracks from his first 9 albums.


Jorge Ben - Chove Chuva
Jorge Ben - Descalco No Parque
Jorge Ben - Carnaval Triste
Jorge Ben - Lalari-Olala
Jorge Ben - Eu Sou Do Pesado
Jorge Ben - Quem Foi Que Roubou A Sopeira De Porcelana
Jorge Ben - Oba La Vem Ela
Jorge Ben - Porque e Proibido Pisar Na Grama
Jorge Ben - As Rosas Eram Todas Amarelas